360 Cassette, Indoor unit for VRF & CAC, World’s First Round Design Air Conditioner

360 Cassette, Indoor unit for VRF & CAC, World’s First Round Design Air Conditioner

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Round shape indoor unit that installed in the ceiling that have below innovative points. Cold Draft Free : The uniform temperature distribution of Airflow gives rise to layers of cold air, creating a comfortable cool that eliminates the discomfort of cold draft. Perfectly Even Cooling : 360 Cassette’s air outlet is circular, it can distribute wind 360°, and provides cooling and heating evenly throughout the space, so remove dead spot of cooling and heating. Also increasing cooling speed, because air blades that minimize air flow loss increasing air flow by 25% which happens conventional 4way cassette.. A New First in Circular Design : A innovative circular panel offers a low-profile ceiling structure for a premium interior environment

Progettazione e Applicazione

  1. Settore Applicazione Light commercial, residence, office etc.
  2. Peso (kg) 21
  3. Accessori necessari al funzionamento Remote controller, pannel

Prestazioni garantite

  1. Rumorosità 29

Benefici Ambientali

  1. Benefici ambientali * Energy saving With EER 6.2(A++), COP 4.2(A+, for AC071KN4DKH/EU and AC071KX4DKH/EU) by avoiding energy wasting with inverter control technology. Samsung air conditioner helps you significantly reduce energy waste. * Refrigerant : R-410A Unlike many alkyl halide refrigerants, it does not contribute to ozone depletion, and is therefore becoming more widely used as ozone-depleting refrigerants like R-22 are phased out.

Sostenibilità Ambientale

  1. Riusabilità True
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