SCAEY-FC Air cooled liquid chiller Free-Cooling from 20 kW to 690 kW

SCAEY-FC Air cooled liquid chiller Free-Cooling from 20 kW to 690 kW

The SCAE-FC free-cooling units are particularly suitable where chilled water all year long is required, so also by low ambient air temperature. The free-cooling system utilises the low outside temperature for chilling water in the coil starting from 15°C ambient air temperature.

Project and Appliance

  1. Field of appliance Hotels, Schools, Industry, Residential - Multyfamily, Hospitals/Clinics, Retail,

Enviromental Benefits

  1. Enviromental Benefits The free-cooling technology today allows to exploit the difference in temperature between inside and outside, to maximize the comfort of the rooms and to obtain an effective reduction in consumption. Therefore, using your system intelligently, simply by using outdoor air, becomes the real goal to reach. The main benefits are: - lower management and maintenance costs - longer compressor life - free production of chilled water - energy saving - constant comfort and well-being throughout the year -constant comfort all year

Environmental Sustainability

  1. Reusability True
  2. Recyclability True
  3. Obtainable Energy saving 102 kW


  • S91046

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