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THAT’S SMART is the space that MCE dedicates to electric technologies, an area which valorises the synergy with the HVAC sector. It also proposes integrated, cutting-edge plant solutions for professionals in design, installation and efficient energy management in residential, commercial and industrial premises.
The event is a unique opportunity for all companies, whether market leaders or start-ups, to liaise with new partners and clients alike, with the goal of expanding the company’s image and business regarding the vast and diversified audience visiting MCE.


Systems to control and coordinate the diverse plants - safety, indoor climate, energy management, lightning - to simplify their use, optimize comfort and energy efficiency and thus allow technicians and plant designers to implement buildings that are more and more intelligent, safe and connected.


Measuring energy consumption is an imperative to achieving energy efficiency and ensuring the highest standards in the operation, control and maintenance of plants, the key to the success of energy and facility management.


The generation and storage of solar power generated electricity represent the ideal complement to indoor climate technologies and an essential approach towards independence from fossil fuels as well as representing the sustainability of the built-up environment, the shared goal of designers, builders, institutions and the end-user.


From the building to the city and vice-versa, sustainable mobility is closely connected to architecture, that must respond to the needs of recharging; zero-emission vehicles for private and professional use also play a part in the process.



  • It is the only event exhibiting smart and IoT technologies and building automation, integrating them with energy efficiency and photovoltaics, with an eye to sustainable mobility.

  • It is the market place for those providing innovative solutions and systems as well as a stage to display the trends in vogue governing the creation of spaces, buildings and sustainable cities which are people centred. The place where to meet designers, architects, engineers, installers, system integrators.

  • Events, initiatives and a wealth of seminars will complete the exhibition and will offer a full-fledged panorama of the huge potential provided by technological integration and enhance the degree of awareness on the side of operators.

  • A dedicated Scientific Committee set up for the purpose, chaired by the Milan Polytechnic, will coordinate the event as well as the promotional, training and information activities part of the event, a mirror of the multi-faceted character of the themes debated in THAT’S SMART.


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