MCE in the City

Discover the sustainable comfort that reduces consumption and save the planet at MCE IN THE CITY: the event dedicated to the home eco-sustainability live from 28th June to 2nd July at Biblioteca degli alberi in Milan. Free entry, open access.

From 28th June to 1st July, h.11-21. on 2nd July, h.11-22.

Our house is a  small planet we take care of, investing in solutions that have a positive impact on our every day life and on the future of the planet.

During MCE 2022 we set up a dedicated space in one of the most exclusive and sustainability oriented district where everyone can live an immersive experience dedicated to the safeguard of the planet and discover the values of MCE and its partner brands.

The visitors was invited to ponder on how the future of the planet is connected also to the choices we make in the care and the design of our domestic environment, our personal little planet.

We set up a home shaped building in the park with reflective surfaces.
Entering the building visitors will find a supervised info point.
Inside the building visitors will enter the immersive installation with mirror walls and ledwall that will bring visual contents with a kaleidoscopic effect
They will be immersed in a suggestive environment where images and sound will be the main players. The experience doesn't have a start or an end, it can be enjoyed in every moment for how long is desired.

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