MCE Circular Economy Events

MCE 2022 provides a special focus on Circular Economy themes and on the benefits this can bring, not only to the environment and the planet, but also to businesses, reducing waste of raw materials and energy, preventing negative external effects, in the meanwhile creating new social and territorial value.


Two dedicated events:


October 19, 2021
Circular economy: regenerative growth model 

Live streaming conference/talk show, aimed at suggesting a change of perspective to the HVAC sector: from a linear to a circular economic system, amplifying the sustainability concept through the maximization of product use and value in the end-of-life phase.

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March 9, 2022
States-General: circular economy, circular city

In Fiera Milano during MCE 2022, a moment of confrontation between enterprises and urban policy makers.

For information:

Sabrina Lattuada - Area Manager


Barbara Mauri - Area Manager