MCE 2016

  • mce 2016 global comfort technology

    The common thread running throughout MCE 2016 is Global Comfort Technology, a global event, to be considered as a whole, that ties in with the four thematic areas:

    • Heating

      Technology ignites performance


      HVAC components


      Innovation by tradition

      MCE 2016 offers a complete showcase of the most advanced technologies including integrated systems required for heating and hot sanitary water production with a higher performance guarantee and a smart energy management. A wide range of cutting-edge products and solutions offered by leading companies from around the globe, to meet the current requirements in terms of energy efficiency, reducing resource consumption and environmental protection.

    • Cooling

      Energy efficiency, passion for innovation


      Air conditioning


      Performance proves to be the true challenge

      The state of the art in the annual air-conditioning and the cold chain, presented by the top leading Italian and International companies, MCE 2016 promotes the excellence of technology, as the result of all investment in research and development, providing high performances and optimal management of energy consumption.

    • Water

      Shape and form into continuous infinite becoming


      Plumbing technology
      Water treatment
      Bathroom accessories


      Precious drops of progress

      The best use of a precious resource such as water involves many technological factors. But not just that: looks also count.
      Therefore, MCE 2016 combines groundbreaking technical solutions with aesthetic elements by adding functionality to optimise physical wellbeing, a pleasurable and gratifying sense-experience.

      To cap it all, a wide range of aesthetically attractive and functional solutions for bathroom interiors in order to meet all visitors’ needs.

    • Energy

      A field of view getting a renewed perspective with every edition


      Heat pumps
      Solar heating
      Products for bio-sustainable building
      Home and building automation


      The alternative becomes reality

      The common denominator of all solutions on display at the exhibition is energy. MCE 2016 showcases an array of cutting-edge solutions to enable the generation of renewable energy, smart management and optimisation of energy consumption focused on improving efficiency.
      What is the objective? Realise energy self-sufficient buildings to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

  • Four living sectors put synergically together to satisfy the complex comfort needs through the most ground-breaking technologies and integrated systems.

    In this context, based on a synergy between specificity and top-grade specialization MCE meets the higher of qualitative standards in terms of energy saving and efficiency that have an enormous impact on residential and industrial installations.