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xEH humidifiers has been designed by the Elsteam with the aim of significantly reducing the costs of installation of the humidifiers and greatly increase the efficiency of the humidification system. The innovation of this product range xEH consists of building a kettle horizontal development that is placed inside the UTA in the condensate tank already provided.

Project and Appliance

  1. Field of appliance heat distribution system, heat emission system, heat store system, applications and management software, thermal solar energy, photovoltaic solar, biomass systems, other renewable systems, heat pumping sytsems, cogeneration e trigeneration, Home and Building Automation, Other plant components, water production sytems, water store systems, water applicatios and management software, water supply systemssustainable water management, cool distribution systems, cool production systems, air applications and management software, emissions and terminal air systems
  2. Dimensions (Width x Length x Thickness) (cm) XX
  3. Overall dimensions (Width x Length x Thickness) (cm) XX

Enviromental Benefits

  1. Enviromental Benefits Lower energy consumption

Environmental Sustainability

  1. Reusability True
  2. Recyclability True