Mini VRV IV serie i

Mini VRV IV serie i

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    Percorso Efficienza & Innovazione

New Mini VRV IV series i is a new innovative variable refrigerant system which is suitable for installation in city center and residential area where the installation of outdoor units has restriction due to limited space or strict urban regulations. The new system based on two split components, compressor and heating exchanger, allows an easy installation, practically invisible from outside. New Mini VRV IV series i can be combined with a wide range of indoor units to match all the requests of indoor air conditioning, including air curtain and ventilation units to get an integrated air conditioning solution. Many controls, individual, centralized and remote guarantee the best flexibility of the installation, making that suitable for every kind of plant.

Project and Appliance

  1. Field of appliance heat distribution system, heat emission system, heat store system, applications and management software, thermal solar energy, photovoltaic solar, biomass systems, other renewable systems, heat pumping sytsems, cogeneration e trigeneration, Home and Building Automation, Other plant components, water production sytems, water store systems, water applicatios and management software, water supply systemssustainable water management, cool distribution systems, cool production systems, air applications and management software, emissions and terminal air systems
  2. Dimensions (Width x Length x Thickness) (cm) 55.00X70.00X60.00
  3. Overall dimensions (Width x Length x Thickness) (cm) 55.00X70.00X60.00
  4. Weight (kg) 80.00

Guaranteed Performance

  1. C.O.P. 3,80
  2. Refrigerating efficiency 3.20
  3. Rated output 14.00
  4. Noisiness 47.00

Enviromental Benefits

  1. Enviromental Benefits Reduction of energy consumption comparing single air conditioning system Reduction of sound noise comparing standard commercial system


  • S69545