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The REACT-4.6-TL (Renewable Energy Accumulator and Conversion Technology) is a PV single phase grid connected inverter able to store energy in a 2.0kWh useful capacity Li-Ion battery integrated within the same product enclosure, expandable up to 3x Up to four onboard load management outputs are included as well as an auxiliary AC backup output for off grid capability in case of a black out.

Project and Appliance

  1. Field of appliance heat distribution system, heat emission system, heat store system, applications and management software, thermal solar energy, photovoltaic solar, biomass systems, other renewable systems, heat pumping sytsems, cogeneration e trigeneration, Home and Building Automation, Other plant components, water production sytems, water store systems, water applicatios and management software, water supply systemssustainable water management, cool distribution systems, cool production systems, air applications and management software, emissions and terminal air systems
  2. Dimensions (Width x Length x Thickness) (cm) 22.90X74.00X49.00
  3. Overall dimensions (Width x Length x Thickness) (cm) 22.90X74.00X98.30
  4. Weight (kg) 67.00

Guaranteed Performance

  1. Medium seasonal performance 97.10
  2. C.O.P. 0,00
  3. Refrigerating efficiency 0.00
  4. Medium cell efficiency 0.00
  5. Noisiness 50.00
  6. Energy class 0

Enviromental Benefits

  1. Enviromental Benefits Reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to the increase of energy self-sufficiency which allows user to be more independent from the main grid provider.

Environmental Sustainability

  1. Reusability False
  2. Recyclability True