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  • Evosta2 - Evosta3

    Company:   DAB PUMPS SPA

    • S93294

    Wet rotor electronic circulator ideal for residential heating, cooling and refrigeration systems.

  • Fog App


    • S96014

    Fog App is the smartest solution for cooling bars, restaurants and patios in small and medium-sized areas. The system can be connected to both ventila...

  • Fully automatic unit for the washing...

    Company:   WIGAM SPA

    • S101694

    IdroWashMatic is the fully automatic unit for the washing and diagnosis of hydronic systems designed to restore the operating conditions of distributi...

  • Geniox

    Company:   SYSTEMAIR SRL

    • S100443

    Air handling unit with high efficiency heat exchanger and plug fans directly fitted to the motor shaft. Geniox is available with a plug & play and ful...

  • heaterSteam titanium IoT

    Company:   CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A.

    • S92612

    The air humidification technologies currently on the market have made a significant step forward with the upgraded CAREL heaterSteam range of high-pre...

  • Hecu sistema CO2 - High efficiency...

    Company:   CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A.

    • S92612

    CAREL’s continuous research into innovative solutions with high efficiency and a low environmental impact has led to the development of Hecu CO2, th...

  • Heos sistema - Natural refrigerant high...

    Company:   CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A.

    • S92612

    Heos sistema is the high-efficiency solution for water loop systems in commercial refrigeration. CAREL supplies the complete management and control sy...

  • HomeVent® Comfort FRT(351)

    Company:   HOVAL SRL

    • S95841

    Domestic Ventilation Unit with enthalpy heat recovery

  • Hoterway

    Company:   Heaboo

    • S106903

    Hoterway is an innovative technology that stores latent heat from the domestic hot water stream to instantly provide hot water in the beginning of the...

  • HSI + (Higeco Smart Info Plus)

    Company:   HIGECO SRL

    • S95771

    L’Hsi+ è un datalogger industriale sviluppato per la lettura diretta dei contatori in bassa tensione di e-distribuzione (Enel). Grazie alle porte di c...

  • Hybrid electronic mixing valve (6...

    Company:   CALEFFI SPA

    • S92537

    The electronic hybrid mixing valve combines the typical function of the mechanical thermostatic mixing valve and the management efficiency of an elect...

  • I-hp inverter heat pump

    Company:   MAXA AIR CONDITIONING Advantix Spa

    • S91191

    In the i-HP series we integrated the inverter technology to all the motors (compressor, pump, fan), we went further, connecting two BLDC scroll compre...